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Selling Old Dolls

Do you have vintage dolls packed away in a storage room some place, saved from your mom’s youth or perhaps your own? Assuming this is the case, it’s a great opportunity to break them out – they may be worth something. Be that as it may, one of the worst things you can do is to purchase a doll values book, look into your dolls, and take to heart whatever the book says. It is important to realize that many things go into deciding the value of a doll, and yours may be worth considerably not as much as the doll values book indicates.

In general, three major factors go into deciding a doll’s value. To estimate what your vintage doll is worth, you should choose how each of these factors apply to your doll.


Regardless of what the book claims if there is no demand for your doll you would be probably not going to get that cost. Appeal means that the doll would offer very high at auction, or that a doll shop would feel comfortable putting a high cost on it. Low demand means that venders need to drop their costs to score a sale.

For instance, doll value books reliably value Madame Alexander International dolls at approximately $75 each. In reality, however, there is next to no demand for these dolls, therefore forcing venders to offer them for a third or less of their “value.”


One of the best ways to decide whether your doll is valuable is to check how rare it is. Rarity triggers higher demand, because collectors always want what they can’t have. A rare collectible that is popular will have purchasers clamoring to get it to begin with, enabling merchants to demand higher costs, and causing auction values to soar.

Again utilizing the principal example, amid the late 1960s and 1970s, the Madame Alexander Doll Company created a great many International dolls. Subsequently, they are abundantly available now (and not selling).


The factor that many doll proprietors fail to consider while estimating the value of their doll is the condition the doll is in. Regardless of the possibility that a mint Madame Alexander Sweet Violet (an extremely rare doll from the 1950s) will offer for well finished $1,000, an all around played-with doll will oftentimes just get a third or less of that amount.

Doll value books almost always list the costs for a “mint” doll. For a vintage doll to be mint, it needs to look simply like it would . For instance, a mint doll needs to:

Be spotlessly clean and unplayed with

Have each and every bit of apparel or accessories that she came with

Retain the like-new freshness in her apparel, known as “estimating.”

Have brilliant face paint, especially the become flushed on her cheeks

Retain the original, firmly twisted arrangement of her hair

Have her original box and hang tag at whatever point conceivable

Contingent upon what number of these qualities your doll has, she may be worth considerably not as much as the value given by your source. However, don’t lose heart – even “near-mint” and those in “great” condition can be valuable. They simply aren’t worth the eye-popping costs that mint dolls typically command.

Search both flow and finished postings for dolls similar to yours. To get a genuine estimate of what your doll is worth, you should search for dolls wearing the same outfit as yours and in approximately the same condition.

Before selling or purchasing a doll, you ought to always research the flow market value utilizing both print and online assets. In any case, recall, regardless of the possibility that that family treasure isn’t worth as much as you thought it was, to you it’s inestimable.



There are a TON of videos out there with some more specific information if you are looking to sell a particular kind of doll but this video (and her part 2) have some great guidelines no matter what type of doll you are selling:


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Porcelain Dolls

Porcelain dolls are frequently thought of and saw as the verifiable past become animated as porcelain and bisque and are believed to be associated with antique porcelain dolls. There are different doll producers today that make porcelain dolls for authorities, and there are many individuals who design their homes with many-sided, graphic presentations. However, purchasing a contemporary porcelain doll is very different than buying an antique doll made of vinyl or material. Purchasing a cutting-edge porcelain doll is additionally an incredible arrangement different than buying an antique porcelain doll. Contingent upon whether a gatherer is searching for an antique collectible doll or an exceptional home stylistic theme doll, this guide will furnish authorities with what they have to pick the correct porcelain doll.

History of the Porcelain Doll

In spite of the fact that they are dainty and delicate, the first porcelain dolls were made to be smooth. However, today porcelain dolls are fundamentally produced as gatherer’s things for grown-ups and more seasoned young people. Starting notoriety in the early parts of the nineteenth century, porcelain dolls were made to look like elegant women of the day and age. With enormous flowy dresses, caps, and sun caps, and mind-boggling painted appearances, the prior dolls were a spitting picture of the lady of the time. Today, however, porcelain dolls are made at all ages from porcelain infants and youngsters to a chic lady.

The First Porcelain Dolls

Mainstream in the 1800s, the principal dolls were produced using a material known as china, and began in Germany and France as should be obvious from the design of the dolls. Porcelain dolls were made to resemble the ladies of the time. Since the hair was a piece of the china shape, it was level on the best with huge hotdog like twists in the back. Their hands and feet were produced using china also, and each foot was unpredictably painted with tights or boots.

The First Doll Resembling a Child

Made by Emil-Louis Jumeau, the French Bebe was the main doll made to resemble a little tyke. Made of bisque porcelain, the Bebe dolls took after the offspring of the time. Since they were greatly costly, just the rich could bear the cost of the principal Bebe dolls until the point that others started to make more affordable dolls.

Initially Manufacturers

Initially, porcelain dolls were made particularly by one talented doll producer, in this way no two dolls were similar. Jumeau, Bru , Gaultier, Rohmer, and Huret were a couple of the principal celebrated doll producers. Known for making top-notch porcelain dolls that exclusive the rich could bear the cost of was French maker Leon Casimir Bru. The first Bebe doll looking like the offspring of the time is offered respect to Jumeau; and Bru, Steiner, and Rohmer followed in making the Bebe dolls, however making them somewhat more reasonable than Jumeau. However, in the nineteenth century, makers saw the ubiquity of porcelain dolls rise and started mass creating porcelain doll heads, hands, and feet to be joined to bodies, at that point dressed and sold to the people. By the mid-1840s, porcelain dolls could be purchased all finished Germany and France. Today, porcelain dolls are sold everywhere throughout the world.

Before Buying a Porcelain Doll

Before obtaining a porcelain doll, one must choose what he or she needs to escape the doll. A purchaser ought to choose if it is to be a gathering thing, an embellishment, or a kid’s toy. Selecting the reason for getting the doll helps in picking the correct doll with regards to value, material, and brand of the doll. When searching for a unique antique porcelain doll, one must make certain to get appropriate documentation after buying and research about the doll to guarantee it is a genuine antique porcelain doll. There are different authorities’ releases of present-day dolls too that have certificates expressing their validness.

Picking the Right Porcelain Doll

When searching for a porcelain doll, numerous purchasers need a doll that is a legitimate porcelain doll, which means the doll is produced using porcelain and does not merely resemble a porcelain doll. There are a few ways of deciding if a doll is a certified credible collectible porcelain doll. While hunting down a doll, it is critical that the purchaser check for markings that identify realness, check material and configuration, search for harm, and take a gander at qualities of the porcelain doll to recognize veritable from counterfeit. The accompanying demonstrate to the purchaser proper methodologies to locate a legitimate doll:




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What are mini dolls?

Who can explain what mini dolls are better than a YouTube toy reviewer? Seriously, those guys are seriously amazing at what they do.  Take a look at this video and we’ll get more into creation next post.

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